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    Unanswered: DB2 TEMPSPACE problems

    We have a production DB2 UDB 7.2 DB with out of tempspace issues.
    The filesystem for the tempspace is 4Gb and only 50% full when we issue the df -k command. Any suggestions as tempspace is filebased SMS tablespace that uses files for storage. Thanks

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    Re: DB2 TEMPSPACE problems

    You don't list your OS, but you might want to check the user setting to make sure the ID your running your db2 instance under has the abilitiy to create files over 2 gigs, and 2nd you want to make sure that Large file enable is on for those disks.

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    What fixpak are you on? We ran into a similar issue with tempspace with fixpak 8.

    Also the other thing to look at would be what quigleyd mentioned. Issue a ulimit -a : file(blocks) should be specified as unlimited, or a size larger thatn 2G and also large files enabled for te filesystem.

    The other thing to look at would be the containers for the tempspace tablespace, if you have multiple containers and one of them fills out, I believe it will run out of space.

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    Would be interested in knowing how you resolved this issue.

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    Originally posted by cchattoraj
    Would be interested in knowing how you resolved this issue.
    Has there been any feedback on this yet? I am running into the same problem - here is our output from a ulimit (AIX platform):
    [sp1n367en0:/homes/instport] ulimit -a
    time(seconds) unlimited
    file(blocks) unlimited
    data(kbytes) unlimited
    stack(kbytes) 2097152
    memory(kbytes) 32768
    coredump(blocks) 2097151
    nofiles(descriptors) 2000

    When my large query DOES run, I get a file that is 1080268302 bytes long.
    The filesystem that the container for TEMPSPACE uses:
    Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on
    /dev/instport-lv0 22216704 7878732 65% 654 1% /db/db2data/INSTPORT

    Im missing something obvious, arent I?

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