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    Unanswered: pliz help !!!

    hi everybody !

    i need to create a query that calculates sthg using the value of a specific form control...
    i dont know how to do this...

    pliz help me!

    if you want to talk to me directly send me an email telling me at what time U can meet me on msn messenger tomorrow to the following account:
    ps: tell me in what country you are 'coz i'm in france...

    thx again
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    Here is a similar answer I did using two dates as criteria but the concept is the same (query by form).

    Have a form perhaps called MyForm with the following 2 controls:

    And have a command button on the form to open the report with something like the following code behind the OnClick property:
    DoCmd OpenReport "MyReport", A_PREVIEW
    DoCmd Maximize

    Of course the form could also have a command button to open another form with something like the following code behind the OnClick property:
    DoCmd OpenForm "MyOtherForm"
    DoCmd Maximize

    Base the report on a query. In the query's criteria for the date field perhaps put in something like the following:
    Between [Forms]![MyForm]![ctrDateMin] And [Forms]![MyForm]![ctrDateMax]

    And of course if the command button were opening a form instead of a report, the form could also be based on the same query or a similar one.
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