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    Unanswered: ORA-00960 error in Oracle Linked tables in Access 97

    I have an update query that gives the error
    ODBC call failed
    when clciked OK gives
    "ORA-00960: ambiguous column naming in select list" error.

    I have set timeout proerty of query to 0

    The table i am updating is an Oracle Linked table thru an Access table
    The query works fine if both the tables are in Access however gives the error when Oracle Linked Table is used
    I am using Microsoft Oracle Driver

    Can u help me regarding this

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    This may be it

    ACC97: "Ambiguous column naming in select list" in an Outer Join with Linked ORACLE Table
    (227259) - When you perform an outer join to a linked ORACLE table that has a pseudo index, you may receive the following error message: Ambiguous column naming in select list #960.;en-us;227259


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