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    Unanswered: IMP-00010 not a valid export file, header failed verification


    i am having a .dmp file of 108mb.
    exported from JServer Release - Production.

    when i want to import from

    JServer Release - Production

    i am getting following error

    IMP-00010 not a valid export file, header failed verification
    IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

    how can i solve this problem.
    can any one help me.

    thank's in advance

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    Oracle's exp/imp utilities are not downward compatible.

    you must use 9.02.1 exp to extract from instance 9.02.03 and then you are able to imp into 9.02.1

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    I've the same problem as well.cau please explain how can we use 9.02.01 exp on 9.02.03 ..or in my case exp on

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    As mentioned, exp/imp is not backward compatible but it is forward compatible.

    That means you can export from and use the imp of Oracle10g, that is not a problem, we always do that ...

    But from to, what has been suggested is to use the exp program that comes with and exp from the database and then you should be able to imp to

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    Basically, export should be done with the lower database version EXP utility (lower when you compare a source and a target database versions). Do the import using the target database version.

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