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    Unanswered: using continuous forms with combos(with qrys)

    I tried setting up a set of 3 combo boxes so users can specify upto 3 levels of descriptions on an item. (Three seperate combos, three seperate tables and 3 seperate queries based on those tables)Then queries are setup so that only appropriate sub items can be display in the lower level combos. The data entry part of it works great. Only one record is set at a time.

    Then to view the records I have a screen with continous forms. The highest level combos display the information appropriately but the 2nd level always screws up the info. It looks to me as though with the continuous forms the queries of the first record display are dictating what the rest are going to be, instead of each record's quries doing their own job for that particular record.

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    possibly i don't understand the problem, but here are some thoughts anyway:

    it is the form object that has a .recordsource (e.g. a query)

    if your form object is viewed as continuous forms, it still remains one form object and still has only one .recordsource ...different records from the one .recordsource are displayed on each "page" of the continuous form

    you cannot set the .recordsource independently for each "page" of the continuous form.

    is this in any way addressing your question?

    there are many ways to implement this "cascading combos" approach to life. post some more detail of your intentions and someone will come up with a good idea.


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    Here's the example database I'm working on. Adding records works from the the "Add" form, but the "View" form doesn't work. If I go to edit one record it will change all the rest because of the qrys linked to the combo boxes. Any ideas anyone?
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