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    Unanswered: asp connection to oracle

    Hello there

    Could some give me advice please, I have my own pc and I install orcale in it, I want to make asp connection to orcale databasse, what I need to install in my pc.

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    Perhaps check this out:

    Able Consulting - ADO Connection String Samples
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
    Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

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    you don't really need to install anything extra on top of the Oracle installation.

    Just create a DSN on the ODBC control box thing (on control panel/administrative tools depending on what version of windows you run). Make sure you use the Oracle ODBC driver, which will be installed at that time.

    Then its just as simple as connecting to an Access database...! Its EASY!

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    Trying to connect to oracle

    To all, I have two programs one and HTML and the other one is a .sql.asp. When I run the HTML and it calls the .sql.asp program, I just get a blank screen. I am not sure if I am connecting to the database correctly or if I am not displaying the results returned by the program correctly? Please help. Thanks

    html program:

    <title>SQL Entry Form</title>
    <h1 align="center">SQL Entry Form</h1>

    <form id="frmSQL" name="frmSQL" action="dbtest1.sql.asp" method="get">
    <center><p><input id="cmdSubmit" name="cmdSubmit" type= "submit" value="Execute">
    <input id="cmdReset" name="cmdReset" type= "reset" value="Reset">

    .sql.asp program:

    <% @language="VBScript" %>
    <% option explicit %>
    <% response.buffer = true %>
    <title>Show Results</title>


    Dim objConn
    Dim rs
    set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    objConn.Open "Driver={Microsoft ODBC forOracle};

    set rs=objConn.execute("SELECT sysdate FROM dual")

    Response.Write rs("sysdate") & "<br>"



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