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    Unanswered: ERD design. Expertise is needed...

    I am supposed to create an ERD from the following 'business rules'. I'm having one heck of a time with this.
    Does anyone know ERD's? If so, please help! I'll make it up to you somehow...

    Here are the rules...
    Use the following information to create a database design for the LUXmobile custom automobile shop. LUXmobile modifies cars and maintains them.
    Each car belongs to a single customer.

    A customer can own more than one car.

    A customer can bring in a car for customization and/or repair work many times.

    LUX mobile has 23 employees. Of these employees, l4 are mechanics. Three of the mechanics have inspection authorization. Mechanics have licenses and arc certified in at least one of five specialties: body work, electrical work, engine work, brake work, and transmission work.

    Each time a car comes in for repair or customization work, a mechanic with inspection authorization opens a maintenance log. The maintenance log contains the log number, the customer number, the log starting date, a brief description of the work to be done. and the log closing date. Tile log is closed when the work is completed and a mechanic with inspection authorization has inspected the work.

    When a work log is started, the log form becomes the cover page for the repair and maintenance form. This form contains the details of the work. Each line on the repair and maintenance form provides a precise statement of the work done, the time it took to complete the work, the part(s) used if any, and the employee number of the mechanic who performed the work. (A mechanic need not have an inspection authorization to sign off on a repair and maintenance form line.)

    More than one mechanic may work on a given car. And a mechanic may work on several cars during any given work period.

    When all necessary repair and/or maintenance work has been completed, a mechanic with inspection authorization inspects all work. If the work is satisfactory, this mechanic closes the procedure by writing the completion date and his or her employee number on the log form. The customer receives a copy of all paper work and a list of parts used.

    Most customers pay the bills with a credit card or by writing a check. Some customers pay cash. A few customers are authorized to charge the work to a LUXmobile account. Such customers may make partial payments on a monthly basis or may pay the entire bill when its mailed to them. LUXmobile tracks all payments and payment types. The LUXmobile manager receives a monthly summary of all payments by type.
    This is what I have so far. Is this even close?
    I didn't bother to put the relationships or all of the optionalities because I'm not sure if this is correct...

    I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and provides feedback.
    Feel free to download and revise the SmartDraw file located here:
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    Instead of clicking on the link, I have provided the image here for easier viewing.
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    Since it seems that many people don't know what an ERD is, here is the completed, correct answer. You can use this post as a reference.
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