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    Unanswered: Please suggest me as how to do!

    Hello All,
    I am very happy to find a forum like this.I am a fresh graduate of computers and in this tough times I am finding it difficult to get a job in any IT company. With great difficult, I found a customer who wants some kind of automation work to be done.The concept is very nice and I would like to make it a product. It will not be a robustly built package, so I need to build and distribute at a very competitive price.

    My quiries are
    1) Which is the database and front end tool that suits a small home based offices to just maintain some data.
    2) I don't understand this Licensing process......One license means only one developer can work on that?Let us take VB 6.0 for example it says 1 License for $XX.

    I know the programming, have technical expertise undergone cources and understand the concepts which are required from a theoritical point of biew, but if I get in to this work I dont want somebody to come and say you are not having these Licenses ...etc., it is not legal...I am even consulting some vendors but expert suggestions would be more valuable

    My question may look very stupid or foolish to all the experienced people like you, but please try to suggest me in this regard.

    I would be very happy if someone can help in this regard.

    Best Regards

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    Since you've come here in the Pdox section, i'll try and describe you the advantages of paradox.

    1)License: you pay for the Professional Edition of Wordperfect Suite from Corel, and you get the right to install it on ONE pc, but also to redistribute HOW MANY copies you want of the Pdox Runtime, wich is a reduced version of paradox which can run apps made with the full Paradox.

    2)Complete and powerful language, very similar to Delphi, fully OOP, full access to Win32 APIs, a joy to program with.

    3)Fast application, a real thunder compared to access, much more powerful Report editor and Form editor.

    And now for the only Real Drawback of Paradox:

    It is based on the BDE, a database engine that while being a good one, fast and not too complicated, is not being developed more by Borland, so its future is uncertain.

    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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