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Thread: pliz help me!

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    Unanswered: pliz help me!

    hi everybody!

    i'd like to save datas from ONE form to TWO OR MORE tables....
    is it possible? if yes please tell me how...

    thx a lot
    still if U want to contact me directly join me on msn messenger at


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    update or append query

    This might not be the best way to do it but I have done it this way , use an afterupdate event to trigger an update or append query to populate the second table .

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    Re: pliz help me!

    what u can do:-
    1- is join two tables by "update" so if one is updated the other one will be updates as well.
    2-Create Query which will update the data in desired tables.
    3-Approach Directly through ADO/DAO.
    there could be other solutions as well...but those are the ones i can think of..
    hope this helps.bye

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