Hi ,

My customer is going to leave the HP UNIX platform to Windows NT4 ( Oracle Database version 7.3.4 ). He's asking me how I'm going to proceed.

I'm thinking of the following :

-Verify the actual parameters and some stats ( don't know which)
-Export the data ( Exp)
-Set up Oracle 7.3.4 on Windows NT 4
-Import the data with (Imp) into a Test database
-Test the database
-Import the data on the production database.

I've been using the imp/exp utilities in the past, but never in production environments.

There is very few information available for this situation and I'm wondering which could be the pittfals. I don't know which of the parameters that I need to check. Also I'd like to use this situation to correct or ameliorate some of the database parameters and why not archive some of the data.

The applic