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    Unanswered: Migrating Oracle 7.3.4 for HP-Ux to Windows NT

    Hi ,

    My customer is going to leave the HP UNIX platform to Windows NT4 ( Oracle Database version 7.3.4 ). He's asking me how I'm going to proceed.

    I'm thinking of the following :

    -Verify the actual parameters and some stats ( don't know which)
    -Export the data ( Exp)
    -Set up Oracle 7.3.4 on Windows NT 4
    -Import the data with (Imp) into a Test database
    -Test the database
    -Import the data on the production database.

    I've been using the imp/exp utilities in the past, but never in production environments.

    There is very few information available for this situation and I'm wondering which could be the pittfals. I don't know which of the parameters that I need to check. Also I'd like to use this situation to correct or ameliorate some of the database parameters and why not archive some of the data.

    The application that is going to use the database is Siebel 5 ( That's why I need to run Oracle 7.3.4.) Siebel does not certify the Siebel 5 -Oracle 8.1.7. combination

    Thank you for helping me out.

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    keep in mind both platforms are obsolet.
    exp/imp is the only migration path.
    The parameters mentioned are the initSID.ora parameters. Try using the same as on HP-UX except for the file destinations

    try loading the data first without indexes and then building the indexes in parallel to speed up

    look for invalid objects

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