I am getting "Variable uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic" Error # 458 when i try to create an MTS object.

Set mobjExportDoc = CreateObject("dciExportDoc.ExportDoc")

Now this object is an MTS component with "Requires New Transaction" and in one of the public functions, I am passing ADOR.Recordset by


Public Function RunExport(objAgent As Object, objDoc As dciMessage.Document, mrsFields As ADOR.Recordset) As Boolean

To make it worse, this code works fine on some servers and does not work on other servers.

If I remove the ADOR.Recordset from parameter of the fucntion, then there is no error but I defintely need to pass the ADOR.Recordset.

I have the hunch that it is MDAC related problem.. because some servers on which it was not working I uninstalled and re-installed MDAC 2.7

that too 3 times and after that it started working. But I can not do the same in production as I dont have the accses rights. I can only

verify the MDAC Dlls and check any config if it needs to be seen.

I have compared the ADO tree in "c:\program files\common files\system\ado\" of the servers on which it works and on servers on which it does not work. And there is no difference.

Could any one please help me with this problem. I need help very urgently. Would appreciate your time.