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    Dear Viewers,

    I am confused with these issues. Can any one PLEASE explain this

    1) Difference & when to use first_rows & all_rows parameter, while
    using an optimizer

    2)A user has connect and resource privs allocated by the DBA . He is been allocated quota on three tablespaces by the DBA
    - Default Tablespace Quota 500 M
    - Tablespace 1 Quota 100 M
    - Tablespace 2 Quota 200 M
    Now the user tries to make a table which uses 300 M in tablespace 2. Will he be successful ?

    3) How to check to memory gap once the SGA is started in Restricted

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    thanks and regards

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    On point 2:

    Yes he will be successfull.

    In the resource role , the 'UNLIMITED TABLESPACE' privilege is included.
    I suggest never to use connect and resource.
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