Two SQL servers with W2K Server and SQL Server 2000. Both of them stands behind a firewall(cisco and watchguard). They are located far away from each other, (=pretty slow connection).

The VPN-tunnel is working great and I get up the two different servers in Enterprise manager. I can run Query Analyzer with no problem.

I have set up a merge-replication and it works fine.

My problem:
After a couple of days I get an error that says "Could not connect to subscriber... " and the replication fails.

When I try to start synchronize again it works fine..

The SQL Server Agent is "slow profile agent" for bad connections.
The VPN is up but the replication tries to connect but fails.

I have tried to set up the times and timeouts for trying again but it have no effect.

Sometimes it can go hours and sometimes it can work for days..

Please help