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    Unanswered: Update Access Tables Via The Web

    Hi all -

    I am the developer of a PC-based web app based on Tomcat that sits on an Access 2000 database. The application is currently installed on approximately 100 PCs.

    In times past, we have issed updates to a couple of tables via a CD-ROM Visual Basic application. That has worked fine, but I am now looking into creating an online update utility that allows users to click on a hyperlink to our web server within the app and update the two tables in question.

    Is this possible with Access, and if so, how would you recommend doing it? I am a relative Access newbie and am scratching my head as to how this could be accomplished. Applet? JSP? What would the file look like that they would hit?


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    Let the link be to a .zip file or .exe file (or the page that explains everything has has links to the .zip file or .exe file) that contains the Visual Basic application that has worked so well in the past.
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