I have a slight problem. I am a newbie to databases but pretty good with spreadsheets. I have been asked to convert a national bowling ranking spreadsheet to a database. What happens is, if a bowler makes it to any or all of the predetermined tournaments, they are awarded points for that tournament. From here, points are added up and the players are ranked. I am not sure what tables to set up. I'm assuming I need tables for tournament names, bowler names. I am not sure if I need one for pts awarded to each bowler for the individual tournaments. I want to be able to enter the bowler info (name, address, etc.), then on a separate form, select a bowler from the already setup list and be able to enter the pts for each tournament as required.

Later i can display the bowlers, total pts for the year and their ranking. I have tried myself to no avail. I have chosen Filemaker Pro as the database.

any help would be appreciated.