I have this lines of codes....

If sFormat ="TXT" then
Do while len(sFileText) > 1
sMsg = sMsg + Hex2Char(left(sFileText,2))
if Hex2Char(left(sFileText,2)) ="'" then sMsg=sMsg + "'"
sFileText = mid(sFileText,3,len(sFileText)-2)
'Response.Write(sMsg + "<Br>")
sMsg = "Unknown Text !"

The code above is only for text ("TXT")... How the code shd be if its UNICODE("UCS")?? And by the way, this 'UCS' message should insert into my database and when it is read from the database, it shd be able to convert the UNICODE back to the message.. hmm get the idea??

I hope someone can help me ASAP..