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    Unanswered: backup strategy -help

    Hi all,

    I need to know whether my backup and recovery strategy is complete or good.
    I will explain my strategy.

    I am having a few databases (Oracle 8.1.5) running live on a solaris machine.It also contains a Catalog database.
    All databases are in Archive log mode except the catalog database.
    All the 7 days except Web and Sunday i am doing Level 1 cumulative incremental backup to a tape using veritas.On wed and sunday I conduct a full backup (all are online backups).

    THe catalog database is shutdown daily and all the files that correspond to the catalog database are copied out to the tape.

    I also have daily entire database exports which is kept for 1 week and also wrote to the tape.

    Now i want to know whether this bacjup strategy is good enough for all kinds of failures.

    I also don't check whether this backups are good for restoration.How often should i check the backup files.How do I do that.Is there a 3rd party s/w to check the condition of the backups.

    I know there are lot many of questions to answer but some help would be appreciated.


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    You don't say what you are doing with the archived redo log files. Assuming that they are being backed up to tape also then I would say that you have more than covered your tracks. I would also switch the catalog database to archivelog mode. It just gives you more options when it comes to recovery.
    The best/easiest way to test your backup is to install oracle on another machine and see if you can restore and recover the database.

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