Hi there,
Hope someone had came this problem….

I am trying to import a csv file to sql2000 server using command line.

bcp test.dbo.vanessa_report6 in M:\temp\csv\ list.CSV -c -t, -r\n –Smyserver -UuserName –Ppassword

There are 50 columns in my cvs file, there are two columns I am interested to copy to the destination table : EmailAddress and ResultNumber
There are 3 columns in my toolbox2.dbo.vanessa_report6 table: which are:
tacticID : integer type
EmailAddress: varchar
ResultNumber: integer
M:\temp\csv\ list.CSV : M: is share drive
This database is on the remote server named: myserver
On my computer I created ODBC connection to the myserver, which has system DSN ‘s name: test

And I got this error in returned:
Starting copy…
SQLState = 22005, Native error = 0
Error = [Microsoft][ODBC SQL server driver]Invalid character value for cast specification
BCP copy in failed