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    Unanswered: open application

    Dear All

    Can somebody tell me how I do the follwoing:

    I want some code which will see whether an application is open, if it is, it lauches the appliaction, if the application isnn't open the codeopens the application

    I'd prefer itto be is javascript, but vbscript will be OK

    I know how to open the application, what I don't know is how to see whether it is already open

    I've started with this code which opens notepad

    var oShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");
    var commandToRun = "C:\\Winnt\\Notepad.exe";
    oShell.ShellExecute(commandToRun, "","", "open", "1");

    but i want an if else statement to see whther it's already opened, then to just lauch the application

    thanks for all yor help

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    what does this have to do with ASP?

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    Originally posted by MrWizard
    what does this have to do with ASP?

    pretty simple really

    a javascript function within an asp page, which runs when the user clicks a button

    I've sorted it now anyhow

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