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    Unanswered: Query of more information than two tables holds


    I'm wonder how I can make an view that explains both whats in a table (after certain criteria) as well as what's not there:

    Table a contain all hours for a week
    Table b contaion information for some hours for the same week

    Hown can I make a sql sentence that give information about what's common (both in a and b) as well as information that is only in one of the tables (e.g. only in table a)

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    Can you throw in some sample data to explain ?

    From what I could understand, UNION can be used with OUTER JOIN. But again, if you can explain it with data, will be able to tell the exact solution.

    Thanks !

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    Table A will contain :
    every hour within a year e.g:
    2003.01.01 00:00:00
    2003.01.01 01:00:00
    2003.01.01 02:00:00

    Table b will have certain information, but the common information is that date stamp.

    So what I want to produce is a view that will conatin something like
    the "hour stamp":
    "hour stamp", is_it_in_table_a, is_it_in_table_b, whats_the_table_b_s_value

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