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    Unanswered: Printing Number Labels from a Single Record

    I have a data table that contains item information such as an item number, description, and lot number and number of units in the lot. From with Access I need to generate a set of labels that shows the item number, description, and lot number and consecutive numbers from one to the number of units in the lot.

    Currently I am doing this by using a VBA procedure that writes a tempory table with an identical record for each unit in the lot and then running a report from this table using the page numbering to generate the unit numbers. However, this seems likes a very slow and complex method to solve the problem. Is there a better way to accomplish this task.


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    On many occasions I have found it usefull to create a table called "Sequential_Numbers' in my databases containing a single integer field called "Number".

    Populate the table will values 0 through SomeNumberBiggerThanYouWillEverNeed.

    You can add this table to your query (you wont actually join it to any other table) and add a criteria like "where Number < NumberOfUnits".

    This will create NumberOfUnits copies of the data in you original query.


    Use a left outer join to link the Sequential_Numbers table to your data table on Number = LotNumber.


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    I'd seen references to a number table but was not sure how to implement it, this gave me the solution.

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