Hello everybody,

I have to develop a dll in vb6, wich will be able to read/write blob data in a oracle 8.x database.
The blob data must be any kind of file (.doc, .xls, .bmp, etc...)
I found a lot of things about how to do it with long raw, but, it appears that in future, long raw data type wont be support anymore by oracle database, so....let's go for blob
I'm a young developper, I usually work with gupta sql windows 3, so i'm everything, exept an expert in vb...
msdn doesn't help me, I already looked for a solution on net since 2 days, so I begin to feel very hopeless whit my boss saying that he doesn't want me to waste my time on this subject !
If anyone can help me, i'll be greatfull !

Sorry for my poor english,
bye !