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    Hello All,

    I seem to be lost with a combo box help Ok here is the problem
    I have a form with one combo box and one text box on it. ok i have 2 tables one has equipment name and equipment number in it. the other table has name and number in it. ok the combo box will show both columns equipment name and equipment number. from the combo box i pick the my choice ok good so far. Now the bad news i look at my other table and it is blank WHY ? should it not put what i pick from the combo box in it.


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    Well, why should it put data from the combo box into the table unless you specifically tell it to?

    Your combo box is drawing data from one table correctly, but it's control source has to be bound to the field in your second table or you need VB code to insert the data if you want to do anything with your selected value.

    If you are trying to search for a record in your second table based on what someone selects in the dropdown, the combo-box wizard can guide you through the setup.


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