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    Angry Unanswered: Partly visible paths in Linked Table Manager

    I have moved a large collection of Access database files from one server to another one. Since a LOT of these files are interconnected by linking to each other's tables, I am now updating the file paths for all of the links. This has proved to be a difficult task, because only the first 40 characters in the old paths are visible in the Linked Table Manager. The rest of the file paths are not visible, so in many cases I don't know which file I should link to.

    What shall I do to view the complete file paths? Can I view them in the Linked Table Manager after all, or must I write a program to dig into the DAO Object library?

    Magnus Persson
    Östersund, Sweden

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    I would strongly advise you to write a routine to maintain the table links.

    Create a tblConnections with the paths to the linked databases and tblLinkTables with the list of linked tables.

    in the code load the tabledef, ammend the coonect property and the use the refreshlink method.

    I'm afraid the linked table manager is a PIA in anything serious.

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