We are trying to connect Actuate 5 with Sybase IQ 12 on SunOS 5.8
for the last few weeks. without any success.
Was working with Actuate and Sybase support but got to nowhere.

The story:
1. First actuate works in two modes, design and runtime. I am able to perform reports on ASIQ in design because it uses the PC ODBC connection which works ok.
I am not able to connect to the ASIQ when the report is performed on the server, becuase actuate cant access ASIQ using ODBC from the Sun.

2. Actuate works with DataDirect 3.7 and I was able to connect to a Sybase ASE on the server, after setting .odbc.ini file, some environemnt variable ODBC_LIB_PATH and ODBC_MGR_PATH and linking $actuate/lib/libodbc.so to DataDirect/lib/libodbc.so.

3. DataDirect does not support a connection to ASIQ, I managed to connect to ASIQ from the unix (dbping) using ASIQ own ODBC driver.

4. I have tried to merge the two scenarios and try to link the $actuate/lib/libodbc.so to $asiq/lib/dbodbc7.so which is the ODBC driver.
But all I can get from actuate is "can not find library odbc32.so"
And i can see that the trace file configured in .odbc.ini is not even created.

5. That makes me think that the odbc was not even called, the actuate was not able to load/open the asiq ODBC driver, maybe actuate need an ODBC driver manager (which ASIQ is not supplied with) but at this stage I am realy cluesless.
Done everything I could thought of, any ideas?

I think it might be a little of a specific problem, but I realy could use any help I can get .....

Thanks for your help.
Uriel Maimon.