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    Question Unanswered: SQLServer backup and restore

    My company recently bought a BI software for the controlling departement based on SQL Server.
    It's the first SQL Server database we get (we are full Oracle on other domains).

    SQLServer has been provided as a runtime and we have very few details on the administration.

    I wonder if a classic full disk dayly backup is OK or do we have to use SQLserver administration tool ?

    If the first solution is OK, what is the procedure to restore (list of files...) ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer on a so basic question.

    Best regards
    Olivier CHIONO

    please post your answer directly to

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    Possibly the wrong thread

    This thread is for mySQL open source DBMS. You sound like you're talking about Microsoft SQL Server. You should look in the thread specifically for their product for help.
    Smith Hayward

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