I hope you can help. I am trying to use a DB2v7.2 Admin Client on WinXP Professional to connect to and administer a DB2v7.1 + FixPack3 server running under Solaris 8.

The error is strange. On first installation the client CC works perfectly well. I can connect, configure, drop and view databases etc.

However, on stopping CC and trying to restart it, I get either or both of these messages:

1) [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0622E Error accessing JDBC administration service extensions.

2) The procdeure entry point sqleDASAddLicenseManual@24 could not be located in the dynamic link library DB2App.dll

I have tried various remedies reagrding wind services, permissions, classpaths and database drivers... I dont really understand the second of these messages, and I also cant understand why it work directly after installation, but then fails after restarting the CC.

I really hope someone can help.