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    Unanswered: Access file size limit

    I am running Windows 2000 with MS Access 2000 at work. I was wondering if there were any other database applications or if the latest MS Access supports large file sizes. Because currently I'm having 1.8 gig file sizes with the types of stuff I have to work with. So I'm closely reaching the 2 gig file size limit that Access 2000 has. Thanks!

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    you can go to sql but if the whole mdb is 1.8 gb have to tried to parse out the tables to other dbs and create a frontend (forms,reports, etc0 to link to the tables

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    I did a lot of work with large access databases and you can get by if you organise the data well.

    As axsprog said, the thing is to split the database, and in your case probaly split into several peices. For example I have used:

    Risky_app : Code Forms, Reports, local on user's machine
    Risky_temp : any working dtaa that is discareded at the end of a day's cycle (tyically import tables and the like). This one will probaly need the most compacting.
    Risky_static : any static data
    Risky_data : core data used in production
    Risky_hist : archive data, usied infrequently.

    Now in my case it was only one table in the history that was taking up all the storage so that was split quarterly and where necessary union queries used to patch it together if you needed to look at a whole year's data.

    With that one table that contains all the data, check to see if there are any text fields that are bigegr that they need be. ALso see if any data can be pulled out. (If there is an infrequently used notes field you might want to store this sepeately only where present and left join to if when required.

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