I have a problem with using prepare/bind_param with the mysqlPP driver. It just doesn't want to work. The following code works fine when connecting to the database using DBD::ODBC, but fails with DBD::mysqlPP (it doesn't crash or anything, just no rows are returned). With the mysqlPP driver, if I change the query to explicately include the id parameter instead of calling bind_param, it works fine there, as well.

my $query = qq{
SELECT p.Description, cr.PreviousPageID, cr.Visits
CrossRef AS cr
INNER JOIN Page AS p ON cr.PreviousPageID=p.PageID
WHERE cr.NextPageID=?};
$sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
$sth->bind_columns(undef,\$description,\$prevId,\$visit s);
while ($sth->fetch()) {
push @array, "$description|$prevId|$visits";

Am I missing something?