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    Unanswered: Selecting a Subreport according to user's input

    I have a report which produces quotes. At the bottom of the quote (footer) I want a subreport to print Terms and Conditons based on user's input. The user can choose two different types of terms and conditions (short form and long form). Each type of term and conditions is currently in a subreport (I have 2 subreprots, one for short term and one for long term). The user has a form where he can choose the quote number to print (combo box) and whether he wants to print the short form or long form terms and conditions (radio buttons).

    The main report is called "Quotes Summary to Fax". The 2 subreports are "Terms and Conditions Short" and "Terms and Conditions Long"

    I need to find out how to programatically change the subreport name on the main report depending on which terms and conditions the user picked.


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    You can set the subreport's source object

    [Subreport].SourceObject = [DesiredSource].

    I've used this on forms tied to a dropdown list of subforms. You should be able to use it on reports and execute it within the reports' OnOpen event or the detail section's OnFormat event.


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    place both subreports on the form and set both to not visible

    Pending which radio option you select our user input, just show the appropriate subreport visible and refresh the main form

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