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    Unanswered: Updating a combo box

    I am trying to set up a form. On the main form, I want to have a combo box that allows the user to pick the company name. I have created the combo box, but it doesn't update the any of the fields in the same table.

    2nd Problem I also have a subform on the same form that needs to be updated from the combo box on the main form. This form is using two tables. The first table stores the name of the company, account code.(tblCompany). The second file contains contact information on the company(tblContactInformation. It is possible for a company to have multiple contacts. In the Company table, there is an ID field(auto number) that is the primary key. In the tblContactInformation there is also a ContactId and the CompanyId (foreign key from the tblCompany.

    I am not a programmer just a lowly accountant.

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    Your combo box needs to be "bound" to a field in your form's datasource. Open up the combo box's properties and look for ControlSource on the Data tab.

    Your subform needs to be linked to the combo box (or the underlying data field) using the Link Child Fields and Link Master Fields properties. It will make it easier if you first give your combo box a descriptive name.

    Be warned that this is not "beginner" Access design. If you don't have at least moderate skill in Access when you start this, you will by the time you finish.


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