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    Unanswered: SQL0100W and SQL1477N errors

    We have errors accessing a table and I was unable to run a row count
    (db2 select count(*) from table_a) receive errors SQL0100W no row was found Fetch Update or DELETE as well as SQL1477N error cannot access table. Any suggestions on how to resolve the table problems or do we have to drop and recreate the table? Thanks


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    From Messages and Codes Manual:

    SQL1477N Table table-name cannot be accessed.

    Explanation: An attempt was made to access a table that is not accessible. The table may not be accessible because of one of the following reasons:

    - The table had NOT LOGGED INITIALLY activated when the unit of work was rolled back.

    - The table is a partitioned declared temporary table and one or more partitions failed since the temporary table was declared (all declared temporary tables have the schema name SESSION).

    - ROLLFORWARD encountered the activation of NOT LOGGED INITIALLY on this table or a NONRECOVERABLE load on this table.

    Access to this table is not allowed because its integrity cannot be guaranteed.

    User Response: One of the following actions can be taken.

    - If the table had NOT LOGGED INITIALLY activated, drop the table. If this table is required, re-create it.

    - If the table is a declared temporary table, drop the table. If this table is required, declare it again.

    - Otherwise, restore from a tablespace or database backup. The backup image must have been taken subsequent to the commit point following the completion of the non-recoverable operation (NOT LOGGED INITIALLY operation, or NONRECOVERABLE load).

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