I'm learning DB2 8.1's integration with MQ 5.3. I need to write a DAD that can insert an XML element's value into one of two database columns based on the value in another XML element.

Trivial pseudoCode:

if XML.CountryCode = 'CN'
UDB.SaleCn = XML.OrderAmount
UDB.SaleUs = XML.OrderAmount

Here is the stanza inside the root_node of my DAD:

<element_node name="SalesAmount">
<table name="MYTABLE.SALES"/>
<column name="SALEUS" type="DECIMAL(19,4)"/>
<!-- illegal second RDB?>
<table name="MYTABLE.SALES"/>
<column name="SALECN" type="DECIMAL(19,4)"/>

Is this sort of logic possible and if so would you post a fragment of DAD showing how I should do this? If not would you recommend an alternate approach? Thank you in advance.