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    Unanswered: Access 2002 crashing when saving query

    My database has developed a problem in that it crashes when I try to save modifications to a query. Details on database:

    front end: A2002, 50 megs, secured, linked to below
    back end: A2002, 250 megs, 2 tables

    both on networked drives (i.e. not local)

    The prbolem: when I save a query, it asks me if I want to save (as if I was closing the db) I click yes then access simply disappears (no xp "send error to msft dialog). When I reload, everything looks fine; but, my changes did not save. Sometimes I can get around the problem by "save as" then changing the name; but, this is awkward to do every time.

    On the otherhand, it doesn't happen all the time and the problem does not appear to be query specific (crashes on simple regurgitation queries as well as complex queries)

    For whatever reason, my gut is blaming the XP clipboard collector (maybe it's just that it's becoming as annoying as that stupid paperclip).

    Items of note: I converted the database to Access 2000 early in the development then recently converted back to 2002 when I first noticed the problem. Is the conversion buggy? Did I screw the database up by converting it?

    Anyone come accross a similar problem? Any help is appreciated as I would hate to have to scrap the database and start again from scratch.

    UPDATE: was experimenting this morning and found that *so far* it doesn't crash if I <ctrl>+s after viewing the results. If this holds, then it only crashes when I try to save in design view.

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    no issue I could find

    try this
    ACC2002: How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Damaged Access 2002 Database
    (283849) - There are several things that can happen, both inside and outside of Access, that may leave your database file damaged (corrupted). The symptoms of a corrupted database can range from #Deleted appearing in certain records, to you being unable to open...;en-us;283849

    see if that helps eliminate the problem

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    Thanks for the link! I'm trying a few of the suggestions. I'll post how things turn out (or more questions!)

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    I was having the exact same problem and found a Knowledge Base article called:

    "Access Quits Unexpectedly When You Run a Query";en-us;319491

    Their solution:

    On the Tools menu, click Options.
    In the Options dialog box, click the General tab.
    Under Name AutoCorrect, click to clear the following check boxes:
    Track name AutoCorrect into
    Perform name AutoCorrect
    Log name AutoCorrect changes
    Click OK.

    It seems to have fixed my problem.

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    This helped me out too and fixed my problem. Thanks for your help!

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