I have to make two SQL Server 2000 P. E. to syncronize each other in a heavy factory control application.

When the two machines starts one server become MASTER and the other SLAVE (in the application side!), so one SQL Server grow with data INSERT and the other one must be kept in sync in real-time (max 1 second of "non-sync"). When the master server crash, slave server become the new acquisition database and start recording data.

When the previous master server become available again, it must be resyncronized with the other server and become the SLAVE server.

How can i implement this?? ... with a PERSONAL EDITION??

Merge Replication doesn't permit a "crossed" replication like:

Server A

Database A
Database B

and Server B

Database A
Database B

with this configuration
Server A.Database A ----> Server A.Database B
Server A.Database B ----> Server B.Database A

Server B.Database A ----> Server B.Database B
Server B.Database B ----> Server A.Database A

Any solutions????