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    Unanswered: label printing in access: defing a label size: how?

    I am attempting to print 80mmx40mm labels to a T402 zebra thermal printer, via access. I have used the label wizard, and modified the field placement etc, set new margins, upper/bottom margins HOWEVER not all of the labels print, labels are skipped (and so it goes).

    I have tried to set a user defined page size, but it doesnt show in the drop down list or anywhere I can find. Does the program pick up the label size from the page size set in the page design in the report?

    Going back into the report used to generate the labels, the margins also change, the initial print appears to have a 1" margin, wraps to another label - its a mess (and getting expensive).

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    see if this has any info that may help

    ACC2000: Hints for Printing Mailing Labels
    (209755) - By using the Microsoft Access Report Wizard for mailing labels, you can quickly create a report design for many standard mailing labels. The Label Wizard has a Customize button that enables you to define your own label size and to save it as a...;en-us;209755


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