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    Unanswered: interpreting db2diag.log errors

    I am playing DB2 detective to research further into our outstanding DB2 problems from the recent db2diag.log entries. I understand that you have to decipher the hex code into sql or other db2 errors but what about the other error codes? These are cryptic! If anyone has a good whitepaper on understanding DB2diag.log output files I would be most interested. Thanks!

    2003-07-01- Instance:db2inst1 Node:000
    PID:140896(db2agent (Our_DB2_DB) 0) Appid:0A02CD26.0446.030701140704
    oper_system_services sqloopenp Probe:36 Database:Our_DB2_DB

    errno: 0000 001a

    2003-06-29- Instance:db2inst1 Node:000
    PID:114094(db2pfchr 0) Appid:none
    buffer_pool_services sqlbPFPrefetcherEntryPoint Probe:0

    Prefetcher Error rc = -20458 IGNORED ... err loc 5
    . Request follows... ....

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    Some help

    I use the IBM Problem determination PDFs. I have the same error right now and 001a=decimal 26 (text file busy on AIX.) sqloopenp is the backup/restore function as outlined in the IBM manuals. With this I know something, but don't know what file it's waiting on yet.

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    run away zombie processes

    I think that you can use the Unix command, ps -ef|grep db2 to search for runaway hung processes. Also the ipcs command will check for bad semaphore calls that may cause problems. I have also found that sometimes very long updates, inserts or deletes in a cursor SQL program will hang the db2 instance as well. We use Quest Central to do database monitoring and this has been helpful. Good luck.


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