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    Unhappy Unanswered: Report Printing Problem

    This is my first post here. After looking through the archived for a while, I couldn't find a post that answered my question.

    I have an Access 2002 database with a simple, query based report.

    The report was generated by the Wizard, and contains several columns of data on a landscape 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.

    The report looks fine when displayed on the screen. However, when I print it out on an HP Laserjet 8000 or Laserjet 4000, one of the fields on my report tends to truncate any text near the right side of the field (on the hardcopy).

    The field is a left-justified memo field. I can't understand why Access won't make the words wrap to the next line in the field when it approaches the right limit of the field.

    To make matters more confusing, the report prints out fine on my very old HP Laserjet III!

    Any clues?

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    select the control in design mode

    goto the property sheet

    select the format tab

    then look for can grow and change to yes

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