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    Database Design for Survey data. How to?

    I am creating a database of surveys completed by companys over the last 5 years. The question have varied from year to year. Adding questions some years, and dropping some in other years. each survey is about 800 questions. I had the following tables in mind.

    Company(Company,CompanyID,Sector,1999,2000,2001,20 02,2003)---the years are to determin when each company participated

    1999Survey(Company,CompanyID, Q1, Q2,.....QN)
    2003Survey(Company, CompanyID, Q1, Q2,.....QN)

    Questions(QuestionNumber, Question description,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003)--Again the years are there to determine which years the questions where asked

    Does this seem like a good way to oraganize the data. how would the relationships work. My goal is to be able to analyze the data for a given year(averages, sums, percent responce, etc...), and see trends in the data over several years for any question that have stayed constant. Can anyone Help me? Is this a good design

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    Database Design for Survey data.

    There are some Data Models for Questionnaires on this page that you might find interesting :-


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    I would consider the following structure as a starting point.

    Company(comp_id, company, sector, ...)
    Question(question_id, question, ...)
    Survey(survey_id, year, comp_id, ...)
    Survey_Questions(survey_id, question_num, question_id)

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    You need six tables. They are listed below :

    Company (CompanyID, ...)

    Survey (SurveyID, Year, ...)

    Question (QuestionID, Question, ... )

    Survey_Question (SurveyID, QuestionID, ...)

    Company_Response (CompanyID, SurveyID, QuestionID, Response, ...)

    Company_Survey (CompanyID, SurveyID, ...)

    Does anybody have better ideas?

    (The data model is attached)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails survey_data_model.bmp  

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