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Thread: Create a sysdba

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    Unanswered: Create a sysdba

    I need to create an equivalent sysdba user which can run shutdown, startup, create tablespaces, etc etc but can't run select,update,insert and delete from the eschemas.
    Is possible this ???
    I saw that you must be sysdba (connect as ) to create tablespaces and shutdown the database, but the sysdba can make salect any table.
    Thank you!

    PD: Sorry my english

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    I think I have the solution:

    1) Create one user

    2) grant all privileges

    3) grant sysoper (to shutdown)

    4) grant select any dictionary (for read v$ & dba_)

    5) Revoke:

    revoke GRANT ANY PRIVILEGE from username; revoke GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE from username;
    revoke select any table from username; revoke insert any table from username; revoke update any table from username;

    If anybody know a bug with this please tell me.
    Thanks a lot !

    Hernan (hsdoc1)

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