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    Unanswered: iconnect help needed


    Very preliminary questions on iconnect.
    I have installed Informix 7.3 Dynamic Server on one of our Digital Unix Servers.

    I want to connect to another server, which will act as Application Server. So, request will come from Application Server and it will then go to Database Server.

    Do I need to have a iconnect client running on Application Server or only server side iconnect installation is sufficient ?

    Can any one guide me in setting up iconnect in such scenario ?
    I am very new in this area.

    Unfortunately, all documentation is lost from our site.

    Is there any link, where I can find it ?


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    You will need iconnect on the application server (client) to setup an odbc connection or something else. It depends what the application server will use to connect to the informix database. BTW, jdbc is not included in iconnect.

    All informix manuals can be found at the library link at:

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