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    Unanswered: Error of bcp in--CTLIB Message: - L0/O0/S0/N0/0/0

    Hi, there,

    I got the following error when I issued this BCP in command:

    $bcp db..t_day in day1.txt -Uuser -Ppwd -Ssvr -c -t ','

    CTLIB Message: - L0/O0/S0/N0/0/0:
    blk_init(): blk layer: internal BLK-Library error: Failed when CT_Lib routine ct
    _fetch(BLK_IN_GET_FMT) called.
    Server Message: - Msg 401, Level 16, State 0:
    ASA Error -134: Feature 'BCPIN for proxy tables' not implemented
    CTLIB Message: - L0/O0/S0/N0/0/0:
    blk_init(): blk layer: CT library error: Failed when CT_Lib routine ct_results()
    blk_init failed.

    I use bcp (Jan 09 2001) on Sybase IQ12. And there's no problem when using BCP out.

    Can anybody give me a clue?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Seems to me that the nessage is fine : you're trying to execute a bcp in in a proxy table, and it's not supported.

    1) According with the configuration of your proxy table, if it's possible to execute an insert, bcp in in a temporary table and generate the inserts via insert select

    2) the bcp out only request the select permission on the table. Then it writes the outup in a file. It's easy to implement. The bcp in i more difficult, becuse it's writting into the table via logged or non logged transactions...

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yesterday I asked some guy in Sybase for this question. And the answer is that BCP command is not applicable to IQ, only to ASE.

    For the success of BCP in, I agree that it might work just as the select statement.

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