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    Unanswered: Multiple triggers execution


    I'm working with an Oracle 8.1.6 database, and there is a table
    that has 6 diferent before insert triggers (for each row).

    In what order are the same type triggers executed?

    I'was surprised, because I didn't know that multiple triggers of
    the same type were allowed on a table. I'was looking Oracle's
    Documentation, but I didn't found anything about this.

    Can someone tell me something about this?

    Thanks in advance

    Daniel Paz,

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    Try this and find out about the triggers:

    sql> select trigger_name,trigger_type,
    substr(triggering_event,1,15),status from user_triggers
    where table_name = 'yourtablename'

    Find out if all the triggers are enabled ...

    Also find out if they are valid ...

    sql> select object_name,status from user_objects
    where object_name in (select trigger_name from user_triggers
    where table_name = 'yourtablename')

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