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    Question Unanswered: Added Printer list on server side and client side

    I am developing ASP application which is using Bar Code printers , that application is suppose to run on INTRANET, currently application is having single Barcode printer facility to use.

    I need to provide Multi printer facility so that at a time clients of Application can use any printer attached with Network.

    Please any body let me know how to get list of Server side as well as client side added/Shared printers on ASP page. I want to show printer list with combo so that users can select any printer from server or from its own workstation and send print.

    like if "Printer1" and "Printer2" is added/shared with "webserver1", it does'nt matter where those printerts are attached on network , then list should show "\\Webserver1\Printer1" and "\\Webserver1\Printer2"

    Plz help me out to solve my problem.

    Thanks and Regards
    Imran Malik
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