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    Unanswered: Conflict procedures gone weird...

    I am using SQLServer7 with SP4 merge replicating to PocketPC devices. Everything works fine EXCEPT conflict resolution...

    After publishing I noticed that the conflict_tablename tables and sp_cft_ storedprocedures didn't get created. So I picked up the .cft files created in the ReplData/unc/... directory and ran them myself through Query Analyser.

    Now the conflict resolution procedure are called when a conflict occurs BUT they return the following errors.....

    Message: The process could not log conflict information
    Source: Merge Replication Provider

    followed by....

    Message: {[call sp_cft_59.....](?,?,?,?,0x00)}
    Source: ServerMachineName

    followed by...

    Message: Too many parameter arguments were supplied for procedure sp_cft_59....
    Source: ServerMachineName

    Ok, it seems the addition of the 0x00 in the call is incorrect so can someone please help me out with this. Please note that I'm only Enterprise Manager proficient in SQLServer.

    Thank you,

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    Unhappy Re: Conflict procedures gone weird...

    Awww please!! Someone out there must know something about this. Or can anybody point me at another resource that might be useful?


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