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    Question Unanswered: Missing Transactions

    I am using Oracle 8.0.3 on Win NT 4.0 (Sp 6a) .
    I have a large & customised database.
    Multiple users connect to the database simultaneously using application developed in Visual Basic 6.0.

    My probem is sometimes some of the transaction on some users are not properly commited and hence not visible to other users. But these transactions are visible to that user till he/she disconnects, but once he/she disconnects from the database the transaction is lost for ever.

    What could be the reason ?
    Is there a way to stop this happen ?

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    The problem is not with Oracle, but with the application. The application apparently is not commiting trx's until the user leaves a screen or some other action. Other users will NOT see any changes a user makes until a commit occurs. Since the app has not committed the trx, once a user disconnects, the trx's are rolled back.

    Sound like a bug in the app...

    Good luck

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    Thanx buddy for ur reply.
    I will check the app once again.
    But my worry is the same user whose trx's where missing, is now able to commit those trx's from his mac.(same screen & action )
    This problem is occuring very rarely, but as a sys admin puts me into lots of trouble.

    Can it be a problem with the something else ?

    Thanx once again.

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