I have following problem :
I am executing stored procedure from Delphi 6 using TSQLStoredProcedure component. The DB is Oracle 9. Procedure is declared as :

CREATE PROCEDURE GenerateNewObjId (new_key OUT integer) AS
UPDATE muSysData SET last_obj_id = last_obj_id + 1;
SELECT max(last_obj_id) INTO new_key FROM muSysData;

in the code I call:

If I do not set the parameter for procedure att all (before execution), I get the error message like
ORA-06550 ...
PLS-00306: wrong number of arguments...

If I try to add an output parameter to the procedure's param list before execution, than I get access violation at runtime. In the debugger I can see that the number of parameters obtained from SQLconnection when the procedure is getting prepared is 0.

What's wrong?
Is it because Delphi 6 dbExpress driver for Oracle does not support Oracle 9?
Am I doing something wrong?

Could you help me please ?

Regards Jeremias