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    Question Unanswered: Oracle connectivity

    I am having some problems with Oracle connectivity.

    I am having two oracle databases

    1. Oracle 7.1 on SCO Unix 5.0.5
    2. Oracle 8.1.5 on Red Hat Linux 8

    Now m/c on which I develop is a Windows NT m/s Oracle 9.0.1 admin/run-time. I have configured it to connect to Oracle 8.1.5 on Red Hat Linux 8.

    Now my problem is how to connect to Oracle 7.1 on SCO Unix 5.0.5. Is it possible to connect from Oracle 9.0.1 enterprise console to Oracle 7.1.

    And how to configure the oracle 9 so that first I can connect through the SQL*Plus?

    Plaese help... I am at all at sea..............

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    Oracle doesn't support database connectivity from 9i clt to a 7th version database or vice versa.

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    I am wondering about their policies.

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    If you just need to run SQL within your Oracle database then you
    can always use a third-party GUI client like dbWidget. This
    tool uses the Oracle thin JDBC driver to connect to any Oracle server on your network. It does everything that SQLPLUS will do and is much
    nicer to work with. You can use it free for 30 days and see if you like

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    why is not posiible
    i could connect from oracle 9.0.1 datanbase on linux 8i to
    oracle 7.3.4 machine on sco unix 5.0.6 thouugh netca
    i wonder why its not working to u
    regards praveen

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