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    Unanswered: rdb7 and Oracle9i SQL

    I am working as an intern on a proof of concept project. I should demonstrate that it is possible (and easy) to migrate from rdb to Oracle9i run Sun One. I will have to load the rdb database to Oracle9i
    database and run queries written for rdb on Oracle 9i database.

    In particular, how much query rewriting would it involve?
    Where can I get more information? I went on Google but the only material I found was RDB documentation, RDB SQL programming manual but I have not found it very helpful. I have spent considerable time by rewriting just one query.

    Thank you so much.

    Do you have any suggestions?

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    Go to and there they would have migration documentation esp. for the more popular databases like DB2, SQL SERVER etc.

    Try migration workbench.

    If most of your sql application is written in ANSI SQL then the chagne req is pretty minimal... but then again you will ahve to go thru the code one statement at a time.

    There might be issues with performace after you would have had a chance to migrate is successfully to Oracle 9i.


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